Royal Air Force Museum in London – opening hours

The British Air Force Museum in London has a lot to offer. Its collection of aircraft and exhibits are world renowned, but since it is open only from April to September, visitors can enjoy this experience at a convenient time. Besides the RAF museum, there are other attractions such as the Imperial War Museum (IWM).

In an effort to boost visitor numbers and create a bigger presence in the city, London’s Royal Air Force Museum decided to open its doors to the public.

When visiting a new museum it can be a bit daunting if you don’t know the opening hours. Luckily, the Royal Air Force Museum in London has implemented a new project called “One Week to One Word” that will get visitors used to understanding the museum without having to read very much information.

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The Royal Air Force Museum in London is one of the biggest museums on earth. It is one of the largest museums in Europe and one of the largest military museums on earth. Its exhibitions cover almost every aspect of military aviation, from WWI to the present day.

This section is about the Royal Air Force Museum in London. The museum is located in the Strathclyde Park Estate, near London. It was opened on 18 July 1951 and is dedicated exclusively to the history of aviation and its impact on warfare in Britain since 1672.

The RAF Museum has an interesting history of over almost one hundred years. This section will take you through the history of this historical museum, its exhibitions, and highlights.

The Royal Air Force Museum in London will open from the 3rd of May 2017.

A new exhibit, “The Unlikely Suite” is being launched at the museum. It is a suite of 50 ‘talking’ models and objects that can help visitors understand how fighter planes flew by “listening” to them talk about their experiences. The exhibit will be open from the 3rd of May 2017 to 31st December 2018.

The Royal Air Force Museum, London is one of the largest and most important museums in the United Kingdom. It houses around £5 million of art and history collections. The museum is located in North Woolwich.

The Royal Air Force Museum re-opened for business in May 2016 after a major refurbishment and upgrade costing over £14 million. The 150,000 square foot extension will add another 20,000 square feet with additional capacity to cope with increased visitors, enabling the museum to cater for an additional 400,000 people each year by 2030.