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This is the official site of the museum. It contains pictures of some of our exhibits and staff, visitor information, an index of local RAF personnel, courtesy of Gilbert J. Rothery,  and quite a comprehensive links page. The site also contains archives of Royal New Zealand and Royal Canadian air crew who had local accidents in Cumbria. The Free Czechoslovakian Air Force Association Roll of Honour is also featured courtesy of Mr. Jon Sigmund.
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Whilst we acknowledge the presence of the Polish personnel at the three local airfields, and in particular at Millom when it was a holding unit for personnel from all their armed forces after the war, the RAF Millom Museum regret that little or no information can, or has, been gained regarding these individuals from either veterans or official sources. It is with regret that the RAF Millom Museum cannot therefore, at this time, enter into correspondence on this particular aspect of the history of the sites. For further information please follow this link.

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