The vast majority of written works erroneously describe the Polish Air Force as having ceased to exist within days of the German invasion of the Polish Homeland.

The true history of the commitment and sacrifice of the Polish Forces in defence of freedom cannot be further removed from this portrayal as some 18000 members of the Polish Air Force reached the United Kingdom to continue the fight with great tenacity.

After arrival in the United Kingdom via a number of routes, of which more later, a base Air Depot was established for the Polish Air Force here in the North West centered upon RAF Squires Gate, Blackpool, where the fragments of the Polish Air Force in exile were reformed and re-equipped prior to re entering the fray.

Their successes and losses, both operationally and whilst training, have yet to be co ordinated into a single cohesive database and the number of enquiries addressed to the Museum have convinced me of the need to provide such a facility which will hopefully be developed over the coming months.

As the war in Europe moved towards it's inevitable conclusion the Poles again found themselves concentrated in the North West to face the agonising decisions regarding their future as Poland was subjugated and divided. At this point families lost touch, a nation scattered to the four corners of the earth, and their contribution to the eventual victory was quietly covered up by the then Government to appease the wishes of President Stalin to the extent the Poles were denied any representation or acknowledgement in the Victory Parades held in London.

The following pages will detail for the researcher the Museum's holdings to date and also our archive material available for viewing, together with general information collated within our databases. I trust this small contribution will assist those readers who have already made enquiries into this particular aspect of the history of the Polish nation and its fighting forces.  more>>



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